My son and I both love Ms. Catherine!  She takes the time to listen to him and explains things in ways that he can understand.  When he makes "mistakes", she corrects in a way that helps him to feel like he still got it.  She's extremely patient when he's having trouble focusing and she lets him talk enough that he feels understood, but then she is able to direct him back to the lesson.  She never makes him feel rushed and is willing to stay on with him for a few extra minutes if that's what he needs.  She is also taking the time to address some of his issues with confidence and self-esteem.  We can't recommend her enough!                  

- Laura from Polson, Montana

I like Ms. Catherine!  She lets me talk and she listens to me.  She never makes me feel rushed.  She has games for me to play and she lets me write my spelling words with a digital pen!     

- Jonas from Polson, Montana

I can't tell you thank you enough for going above and beyond for Jaclynn.  I stand in admiration of your dedication to be a voice for Jaclynn and us in a meeting that included the school staff.  You, and you alone, made the difference within the school system.  I have seen Jaclynn gain more confidence in herself than ever.  Life before you was very difficult; there were lots of tears and "I can'ts".  Now we hear, "I can do it!"

- Paula, Gallion, Alabama

Ms. Catherine has helped my son, Damian, learn so much in a short period of time.  His confidence has also gotten so much better.  He's already reading 1 to 2 grades higher!

- Samantha, Long Prairie, Minnesota

Josie struggled with reading for years.  To deal with the shame, she developed quite a few strategies for disguising the problems.  When Josie started meeting with Ms. Catherine, she immediately felt encouraged, just having someone affirm that YES, she had a legitimate challenge learning to read and that NO, she wasn't helpless or alone in working to overcome the challenge.  This newfound hope fueled her effort and every week we saw progress and lightbulbs turning on.  Josie has advanced several grades in reading, spelling, and comprehension.  She has grown in her ability to decode words, and willingly tackles reading material beyond her grade level.  Catherine was patient, yet thorough and she provided gentle correction.  Josie isn't embarrassed anymore to tell people she has trouble reading.  She used to be defined by the struggle, now its just a small part of who she is; the larger part is the girl who's persevered and overcome.

- Jennifer, Crestwood, Kentucky

Catherine goes above and beyond to meet my child's needs.  She has helped my 13 year old son gain confidence in his reading, spelling, and comprehension thanks to her calming, creative, and highly personalized approach.

- Miranda, Livingston, Montana

Catherine is an amazing tutor who gives her heart and soul to her clients.  She is extremely organized and dedicated to making a difference in the lives of the children she tutors and their parents as well.  She was there with me during the IEP meeting for my son.  She is a great communicator and keeps me informed of all the progress my son is making.  I strongly recommend her!

- Jhen, Selma, Texas

Catherine is excellent at what she does! It is clear she has an enormous amount of experience working with children!

- Tracy, Big Sky, Montana

Catherine has been great! She has been working with my sons for a few months now and his state scores are already rising. I feel like he has more confidence in himself and what he is doing in school. She makes the lessons fun which helps him so much. She is able to connect with him and make him feel heard. She is amazing!

- Erin, Ocoee, Florida

We are so fortunate to have found Catherine for our daughter! Catherine’s lessons are thoughtfully planned to meet the needs of my unique learner. In just a few months, my daughter has become my confident in her reading.

- Jessica, Silver Spring, Maryland

Catherine tutored our son for about 1 year when he was in first grade and struggling to learn to read. She was an incredible asset to his education. She was engaging and patient. She changed strategies quickly when he tired of an activity. His progress with Catherine was amazing. We will be forever grateful!!

- Emilia, Portland, Oregon

Our daughter has benefitted immensely from Catherine's guidance and depth of knowledge. Over the first year of tutoring with Catherine she made incredible leaps and has been able to catch up to her peers.

- Caleb, Polson, Montana